A trip to Kildare


Last week we decided to go off for the day to Kildare to the Japanese Gardens and National Stud Farm. I remember going there years ago on a school tour and really wanted to go back again as I remembered it been so nice there and it was something different to do. Usually me and my bf go shopping spending money we should be saving haha story of my life 🙂


From Tipp it is so handy to get to its all motorway and took less than an hour (I think) to get there. When we arrived the weather was ok it was cold but had stopped raining which makes a huge difference. The adult tickets were €11.50 each which gives you access to the Irish National Stud Farm and The Japanese Gardens.

You start by going around the Irish National Stud Farm which is so nice to walk around and look at the different horses, foals and there is also a museum. The grounds are so beautiful even though the day was very dull it was still beautiful.



After walking around the Irish National Stud Farm we headed into the Japanese Gardens. The weather got really bad when we got in here which was a pity we did rush through it a bit because we were like drowned rats but we still really enjoyed it.



After the Japanese Gardens we headed to Kildare Village for “a look” I wanted to go the Calvin Klein and pick up some bits but of course we ended up going into Kate Spade where they had 20% off everything. I spotted a bag that was on sale and could still use the 20% off which was so hard to say no too so I just bought it.


Since buying this last week I was looking at the Kate Spade bags on Brown Thomas and came across this exact bag for €335 and I paid €90 what a bargain delighted 🙂

So that was our trip to Kildare. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Richael x