Amazing Girly Day At So Sue Me Workshop

Hey Dolls…

So on Saturday the 15th I went to the first ever So Sue Me workshop. For those who don’t know So Sue Me it is the top fashion blog in Ireland created by Suzanne Jackson she is just amazing and everyone should follow her check our her blog here So Sue Me  . As the day was about fashion and beauty I needed to go shopping for the occasion( any excuse to go shopping!) I bought a orange jumper from H&M, leggings from H&M and just put my boots from Penneys with them to complete the outfit. Clodagh done my make-up and it was gorgeous. Check out my outfit and make-up below:


When Sue came out to start the workshop it was so surreal I couldn’t believe that I was sitting right in front of her. She is so normal and it was just like having a girly chat with your best friends it was brilliant. She started off talking about her life before blogging, how she got started, make-up, tan, fashion and so much more.

We got great tips on every subject, saw some great styles from Penneys, Sue even showed us how to create a cranberry eye which was fab! and to top it off we each got a goodie bag filled with Rimmel makeup, a Crown brush, Sally Hansen tan, a booklet containing hair tutorials from Great Hair Extensions and a Penneys voucher. I have posted pictures of all the goodies below. I am so happy with all of the stuff I received Sue picked out everything herself that we received in the goodie bag and I now know why they are all amazing products. I would highly recommend the tan I always used Sally Hansen the spray on tan but the gel is so much better from the minute I put the first bit on I knew I was going to love it! It goes on so easy and looks fab.

When the workshop came to an end (it did run overtime and Sue didn’t mind one bit I knew she would have stayed there all day if she could and so would we!) Sue got pictures with everyone of us and signed our books.

Overall this was a great day and I would highly recommend anyone to go to one if there is one near you. I have told so many people how nice and down to earth Sue is and this has made people like her even more than they already do. She is such an inspiration and I hope our blog does as well as hers.
Hope you enjoyed this post feel free to ask any questions about the day!

Richael     x


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