Beyonce – Yonce all on his mouth like liquor

Hey Dolls…

So I went to Beyonce on Sunday this is my second time to see the Mrs. Carter show I went last year also and have to say she is getting better and better. She is such an amazing performer and she is absolutely gorgeous in person what a figure! The concert was even better than the one last year I personally thought it was gonna be very similar but I just love her most recent album and I was delighted she added in songs from that as well as the classics.

We were standing but as the o2 in Dublin isn’t the biggest no matter where you stand or sit you have an amazing view. We are so lucky! There was a part in the show where she comes out on a stage in the middle of the crowd and we were just so close to her. Check out my pictures below.

I also have a What I Wore post from the concert if you want to check it out click here: What I Wore.


Richael x

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