Bia Beauty Review



I received this fab box of “Bite Size” goodies at the Cloggers event that myself and Marie (The Beaut Mum) hosted. The packaging is amazing and I couldn’t wait to start using it.  Included in the Bite Size boxes are Mellow Mandarin moisturiser, Orange & Grapefruit Exfoliant & Cleanser, Detox Body Scrub, Stop the Clock Eye Gel and Lime Pie Lip Balm. At the event Tracy who created the brand Bia Beauty talked about her company and the fab products.It all sounded so amazing and so good for your skin.


Bia Beauty is made in Cork and it is all about using ingredients that are good for your skin they are designed to feed your skin and you can actually eat them which just shows how organic each of the products are which is just amazing. You can find all the ingredients used in Bia Beauty products here this is definitely worth looking at because it is so healthy.

I used the moisturiser, eye gel and lip balm for the last 10 days I applied the moisturiser every morning and night and used the eye gel at night. Lately my forehead has been quiet oily and I found that after using this moisturiser it has helped this issue which is great. I found when using the eye gel you can feel the area tighten after applying the gel so I will continue to use this until it is all gone and hope my skin will be flawless hehe :). My lips are very dry lately so I have been applying the lip balm non stop in work and it really is helping. A lot of people have asked about the lip balm because it smells so nice and the container is unique.

These Bite Size boxes would make great presents as they contain a variety of the Bia Beauty Products and only cost €10 you can check them out here and also Shop other Bia Beauty products here.




If you have any questions please just ask.

Richael x