Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Review


Hey Dolls…

Last weekend I went out went my mother, sister, aunts and their daughters for a Mothers Day meal. My go to tan when heading out is always Cocoa Brown as it is so easy to apply and always gives me a fab colour. I usually use Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse and start preparing for my night out a few days before. I exfoliate, moisturize and tan then the night before I head out I apply my tan again just to make it that bit darker.


I did this last week on my top half  but not my bottom half as I wanted to try out Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs. On Saturday it was such a nice sunny day I decided to apply my tan that morning so I could roll up my jeans at the bottom and not have to worry about showing my pale white Irish skin.

The tan went on lovely (see picture below) after a bit of rubbing to make sure it was even around my ankles etc I was instantly tanned which I loved. It is similar to Sally Hansen but not as cakey and powdery looking. After wearing jeans all day after tanning my legs I was expecting to have to top up my tan for the night but it was still perfect. I was delighted and so many people asked me what tan I was using.

IMG_1300 (1)

Becuase I wanted to really give a good honest review on this product after seeing a few comments about it not wearing off great and really having to scrub for days I decided to let the tan wear off for a few days and then scrub. My tan did actually start to wear pretty fast which is probably due to wearing skinny jeans all the time but it didn’t actually go patchy and scaly. After a few days I used Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff to scrub off the tan and after one shower it was all completely gone I was delighted as this ment I could now add more tan for these sunny days 🙂

After using the tan once I would definitely use this again. The application was really easy you just have to make sure it is evenly spread. I found it very easy to scrub off and that is probably down to using Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff as this is a brilliant exfoliater its removes any tan easily after a bit of scrubbing.

Coming in to Summer and not knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow I would definitely recommend you to have this so that if it is a fab day out and you want to get your pins out you can apply this within a few minutes and away you go. You don’t have to wait for it to develop overnight or after a few hours your just good to go straight away.



This is available for €7.99 from lots of places such as: Cloud 10 Beauty here, Superdrug here Penneys, Tescos, Heatons, Dunnes Stores, Supervalue and Boots.

You can check it out on Cocoa Brown website here







Richael x