Contouring and Highlighting – A Quick Guide

Hey Dolls…

We love contouring and highlighting when we are heading out so we decided to show you how we do it this is a very simple look and we have pictures of the steps we took.
To create this look we applied Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.

Next we began the contouring process using Blank Canvas Cosmetics Contour/Highlight Palette.

To start the contouring we mix the two bronzer’s together and apply around the outside of the forehead and then create a 3 shape along the side of the face. To do this bring it in under the cheek and jaw line.
To finish we apply the bronzer to the sides of the nose.

After contouring the face we then need to highlight again we mix the two white powders at the left of the palette to do this.
We apply this to the center of the forehead just between the eyebrows and a small bit upwards towards the center of the forehead. Next we bring it down the center of the nose, just above the lip and the center of the chin. We also apply this in a V-shape under the eyes.

Next we need to blend in the powder on the face to create a natural look.
Here are some pictures of the finished look.

Hope you enjoyed this.


Richael & Aoife


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