Date night :)

Hey dolls…
So me and the bf decided to treat ourselves to dinner on Sunday night coming from such a small town were not used to such a huge choice of restaurants to pick from. It always takes us ages to decide where to go.  I heard from friends about a new restaurant called Coqbull that opened recently and it was suppose to be lovely so we decided to go here.
As it was a Sunday night we weren’t sure if we needed to book it or not but we decided to just chance it. The weather was so bad so we hoped there would be room for us. When we got there there was a table waiting for us (thank god because if we had to try find another place to eat it would have taken a while haha)
The place was so busy and atmosphere was great good sign when trying somewhere new. The design of the place was so cool and both of us said it reminded us of the quirky places we visited while in London.  
I got the Chilli Bull and sweet potato fries and it was amazing by far the best burger I have had in a long time I cannot wait to go back again. I also got a Coqtail because who says no to a cocktail hehe I chose the Coqbull mango & vanilla daiquiri and this was such a good choice loved it!!
Check out the photos I took of our drinks and food. I hope you liked this little review I would recommend this place to everyone I’m already planning my next visit :). Check out there website

Richael x

This is the Chilli Bull Burger and Sweet Potato Fries 
My Coqtail – Mango and Vanilla Daiquiri
My Coqtail and the BF’s Cider ha 🙂

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