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Hey Dolls…

I recently purchased a couple of little things from ebay. I am always looking at things for my room especially anything got to do with make up or beauty. So I decided because my make up storage unit from my previous post  here is getting a bit full I’d buy another storage unit for my lipsticks.
Also I am always losing hair accessories eg. hair clips and I remember while on facebook one day I saw a little holder that had writing on it about hair clips and eyelashes so I decided to try and find that too.

I went on ebay and found an acrylic lipstick holder for €4 with free postage bargain! It holds 12 lipsticks I don’t have that many lipsticks but now I really want to fill it (just another excuse to buy make up 🙂 )

Check out the item here

Also while I was on ebay I decided to type in the quote that was on the holder I saw on facebook and voila I found it.
It is smaller than I thought it would be but its so pretty and girly and is actually really handy because now I leave all my clips etc on it instead of leaving them on my locker and never been able to find one.

Check out the item here
Clodagh and I came across these eyelashes on ebay one day over a year ago they are only €2.00 with free delivery there are 10 eyelashes in the box and we love them. I just ordered them again 🙂 I don’t use the clue that comes with them I use my own and they are fab! 
Check out the item here
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