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I decided this morning as I was putting on my make up to do a post on here about the make up that I use on a daily basis. I like to keep my day time make up very simple and less time consuming before I go to work. I don’t wear much eye make up during the day as I like to keep this for when I’m going out so that I look more dressed up – weird I know.
I have broken the items up into sections so it will be easier for you to read about each product.

1. Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Foundation
2. Translucent Powder – Natural Collection
3. Bronzer – Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder Blondes/Lighter Skin 01
4. Blusher – Max-Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 223 Natural Glow
5. Eyebrows – Seventeen Brow’s that brow
6. Eyes –  Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara
             –  Catrice Long lasting Eyeliner

 1. Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation:


So I tend to switch my foundations around a lot but for the last few months I have been using Rimmel Lasting Finish and I really like this I find the coverage really good and it lasts all day this is really important for me as sometimes for work I would apply my makeup at 6am and pray that it lasts all day and with this foundation it does. I recently purchased this foundation in Boots and it was on offer with €4 off I can’t actually remember how much I paid I think it was €8  I would recommend this if you have problems with your make up lasting all day.

2. Translucent Powder – Natural Collection

After applying my foundation I always apply loose powder all over this really helps keep on the foundation and also helps get rid of shine especially if you have oily skin. I also think that it gives a nice look to the foundation. The loose powder that I always use and love is from the Natural Collection and it is neutral translucent you can also get this in warm translucent but I prefer to keep this for night time.
You can purchase this from any Boots store and it is a really great price at only €2.49 because it is so cheap most of the times I buy it I have enough boots points on my boots card and I get it for free which is great.
You can visit Boots online store here.

3. Bronzer – Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder Blondes/Lighter Skin 01

After applying the loose powder I then move onto my bronzer the bronzer that I use is Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder Blondes/Lighter Skin 01 and I love it. I find this bronzer really good you can use it on your face and on your body and it lasts really well on both. I apply the bronzer along the outside of my forehead just at the hairline and I bring it down in the shape of a 3 along my face which is down by the side of my eyes (along the hairline) and bringing it in under my cheek and under my jawline. I repeat this on both sides of my face and then put some on my neck. You can purchase this bronzer from many pharmacy’s and in Penneys which makes it super easy to get your hands on. This bronzer is really great value at only €4.39 you couldn’t go wrong it is a great size and will last a long time.

4. Blusher – Max-Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 223 Natural Glow

Next I apply my blusher Max-Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 223 Natural Glow. I really like this shade and it looks very natural on the cheeks. As you can see mine is nearly gone but I will definitely be buying this again. I purchased mine from my local pharmacy and I think it costs €7 maybe less.

5. Eyebrows – Seventeen Brow’s that brow


I only recently started using a wax to fill in my eyebrows and I love it. I actually got this kit free when I bought other products from the Seventeen range in Boots and I will purchase this again. I apply some wax and a little bit of the powder I don’t use the pencil because to be honest I just didn’t try it yet. I then apply the highlighter under the brow. This kit included all of these steps on a slip inside which I found really handy.

You can visit Boots online store here.

6. Eyes –  Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara
             –  Catrice Long lasting Eyeliner

For my eyes I keep them very plain and simple. I only apply mascara and eyeliner. The mascara that I started using recently is Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara Blackest Black and I find this really good I like big mascara brushes and this brush is perfect for me. I also like my mascara really dark and this color Blackest Black is just what I need.  You can purchase this also from Boots for €7.99. The last step is my eyeliner I usually use essence as it is cheap and really good however I opted for Catrice Long Lasting Eyeliner this time and find it really good too it last all day!

You can visit Boots online store here.

Here is my make up:


Hope you enjoyed this I will do more but they will be night time looks as I tend to keep my everyday make up the same( I know very boring haha).


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