Lazy days at home

Hey Dolls….

So I decided to go back to Tipperary for my two days off work last week. I hadn’t been home in a while so decided I’d go back and see my fam as I missed them all and you miss so much when your not living at home any more. Like my brother playing with his school in an All-Ireland Hurling Final and winning! Even though I saw it on telly it wasn’t the same as been there and been at home through it all.

I also missed my bed and just been at home really. I didn’t do much while at home mainly because there isn’t anything to do in a small town. I just enjoyed been lazy and catching up with everyone. My mam, brother and I went for food on Saturday I just love doing stuff with them and not have to rush because I have to go to work. Love my lazy days at home!

Also I get all of my online shopping delivered home so I got my new boyfriend shirt from Missguided on Friday and I love it its so comfy. Unfortunately for me it does crease easily so I will be ironing a lot haha. Check it out here:

Richael xx


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