Hey Dolls…

So after years of wanting to visit London and tick of another place to visit on my bucket list I finally got there thanks to Ryanair and their €14.99 flights each way haha. I went with my boyfriend for 3 days and we stayed with my cousin. To say we loved it is an understatement we both cannot wait to book our next trip there.

As we didn’t have that long there and the weather was pretty miserable the same as Ireland 🙁 we spent most  of the time in pubs and restaurants. My cousins decided to bring us to the cool and quirky pubs and restaurants so we could experience something different and they were amazing.

I wanted to share here some of the cocktails that we got while in London because you would never get anything even remotely close to these in Ireland and that’s such a pity.

These first cocktails were served in one large paint bucket and you got small paint cans to pour everyone’s drinks into these were just so simple but yet amazing.

Another bar we went to was a rooftop bar and this is where I first tasted Pornstar Martini’s and I now LOVE them check out the pictures of all the cocktails we got here.

Does’t these cocktails look amazing Jammy Dodgers yummy. Look how something so simple like adding a biscuit to a cocktail makes it look so good and attractive!

I hope you enjoyed drooling over these yummy looking cocktails.

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