My first ITWBN Blogger Event


So as many of you know from my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) I attended my first ITWBN Blogger Event in The 5* G Hotel Galway on Sunday I will do a post on What I Wore soon as I have a lot to fit in this post hehe :). A lot of my friends and family have asked what exactly is ITWBN and what happens at the ITWBN Blogger Events so I’m going to explain it to you all here 🙂 ITWBN is Into The West Blogger Network this is a group for Irish bloggers that allows us all to chat, post our blog posts, ask questions about blogging, network and attend events. When ITWBN had their first event there were 20 bloggers at it and on Sunday to celebrate ITWBNs 1st Birthday there were 130 bloggers how amazing and what an achievement. This group was created by the amazing Sinéad Carroll (Yummy Mummy) and Saibh Egan ( and they are doing an amazing job the event on Sunday was so inspirational and from reading all the blog posts everyone had an incredible time.
I was so excited going to not only my first ITWBN Blogger event but my first blogger event full stop. I have been invited to lots of events but because of work etc I never get to attend. I was a little nervous about the event but I thought I would be fine how hard can it be. When my boyfriend and I got there I spotted a few bloggers but not knowing anyone personally (only from their blogs) I didn’t feel comfortable enough to just walk over I am a very shy person when I first meet new people. We decided to see if we could check into our room as we were staying the night in the G Hotel. The receptionist checked for us and our room was ready this was brilliant because after travelling from Tipp and getting ready so early I definitely needed to check on my make up haha. When I headed back downstairs I did feel kinda awkward you forget how much you hate doing things for the first time on your own until your doing it again and hovering around on your own haha. I then saw more bloggers I knew coming off the bus and the lovely Edel from Nelly Says came straight over to me and introduced herself I was so grateful for this. It was her first event too I wasn’t nervous anymore as we all got chatting and waited for the event to start.

Our amazing goodie bags from ITWBN and Debenhams

On entering the event we were given our table names I personally like the fact we had a seating plan as it means people like me that didn’t know anyone have a chance to mingle with new people and great bloggers. The table I was sitting at was Killary Harbour and on finding this table I got my amazing goodie bag and my name tag it is exciting seeing your name and blog name on a name badge for the first time 🙂 Sitting beside me was the lovely Aisling from Ash Nailed It she was so friendly and we got chatting immediately about our blogs and how it was her first ITWBN event too. I also got chatting to Avril – Love Foxy, Egle – Egle TV, Leanne – Its All About Being U who were also at my table.

Some photos from our table – food/treats/cupcake

The first speaker was Sinead Burke – Minnie Melange who talked about her successful blog how she got started, the slow process but its worth it and ignoring the haters she was truly inspiring and I’m disappointed I didn’t get a chance to chat with her. Next up was Deirdre from Castle Print who discussed the importance of branding and getting your brand right from the start. Wayne Denner was next and I have to say this was so interesting Wayne gives talks to young people about your online reputation and thinking before you tweet, send a snapchat etc once something goes online it will be there forever and will be very hard to remove it. This is the same for bloggers when it comes to what brands you discuss. Last but not least was the gorgeous Karen founder of Karora Tan she talked about her life and how she started such a successful company. Karens talk was very inspiring and she seems like such a nice person I have actually never tried Karora tan but I definitely will be trying it out soon.
In between speeches we had some fab food and treats which were so yummy we also spent some time networking giving people business cards, introducing yourself and taking lots of selfies. Overall I had an amazing time the day flew by which is always a good sign. I can’t wait to attend more events and keep in contact with the amazing bloggers I met. I want to say a huge thanks to Sinead & Saibh for such a great day. I will start using the products from my amazing goodie bag soon and will post about them 🙂

A few snaps from the event with these amazing bloggers:

Ruth Kemple – The Beauty Kemple

Erin – My Paper Mache Mind

Aishling Flynn – Ash Nailed It

Nina – Dollfinesse

Lorraine – Pastel Pout

Pam – Pams Live Love Fashion

Sarah Jane – Siren and Soul

Richael x