My Neewer Ring Light


For a while now I have found it very difficult to get the right lighting for photos for my blog of products and make up and I have tried everything. Natural light is always the best but with my shifts constantly changing I don’t get the chance to take photos in natural light plus the lighting in my house is brutal. I looked into getting some white light bulbs and also the Diva ring light but at a cost of over $200 it wasn’t in my budget.

Then I saw on my favorite snapchatters snaps (Karen – LovelyGirlyBits) that she got a Neewer ring light on Amazon and immediately I had to go find out more about it. The Neewer Ring light was much cheaper than the Diva ring light at £88 I was delighted it was so affordable. After a while of “will I” or “won’t I” I finally gave in and bought it. The light that I went for is dimmable because I read a lot of reviews that some of them were very bright and you could not adjust it so I made sure the one I got was.



The Neewer Dimmable Ring Fluorescent Light that I got is here I also had to buy a stand for it and this is the one I went for here

So far I am delighted with it I haven’t taken that many photos using it yet but here is my first #Selfie using the ring light.


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