My new Make-Up Station

Hey Dolls….

So any of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (username: richaelf) will know I got a Pink Make-Up station for Christmas off my boyfriend. It is just amazing I love it its perfect for all my make up and the lighting one word flawless!!

A lot of people have asked where I got it and I know it was a Christmas present so I am not suppose to know where its from but I actually spotted this months ago and loved it.  My boyfriend remembered how much I liked it so went back and got it for me for Christmas how cute 🙂

He got it in Sally Salon Services here in Cork but I’m sure you can get it in any of the Sally Salon Services around the country and UK. They actually have a Facebook page and a website and I have the links to both and to the Make-Up Station on the website below. However it is out of stock on the website.

Mobile Beauty Station –
Sally Salon Services Cork Facebook Page here –

I’m still organising mine and its so exciting 🙂 here s a photo of what it looks like empty


As you can see it has a lot of storage and they all neatly fold back together making it so easy to fold up and bring any where the legs screw on and they are stored in a holder underneath when travelling.
The Make-up station also has a plug which is soo handy as you can just plug in the GHD, Curling Wand or Hair Dyer and away you go.

I know this is the black version but I wanted to show you what it looks like when folded up for travelling.

Mobile Beauty Station 
Amazing isnt it? all your make up products stored in one place and you can just wheel it round.

I hope this helps and I would definatley recommend every girl to get one 🙂 I will do a post shortly on all the make up I have stored in it and the way I have it organsied  just cant get enough of it and want to share it with you all.

Richael x


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