My November Favourites


As I have a serious problem when it comes to beauty products ( I think most girls do) I decided to stick to a few items this month so I can write about them in one post as its just seems impossible for me to try write reviews on each product I own with working different shifts every two weeks I just cannot get into a routine. ;( so here are my favourite products from this month:

  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Riff


I’m not usually one for wearing eyeshadow unless I am going out but since getting this Urban Decay eyeshadow I use it all the time it is such a fab colour and I think it really makes my blue eyes pop especially with eye liner and mascara on too. The pigment in it is brilliant it is the first time I splashed out on one eyeshadow I usually purchase eyeshadow palettes and I would definitely buy another Urban Decay eyeshadow again after this one. This shade is Riff and is after becoming so popular thanks to big bloggers on snapchat such as Karen from Lovely Girly Bits and Rosie from Heart Heels and Handbags. You can purchase this from Debenhams here for €18.00


2. Vichy DermaBlend

I think everyone has their favourite night time make up and Vichy Dermablend 35 Sand is mine the coverage is amazing and adding a bit of contouring makes it even better it always give me a flawless finish everytime. The make up lasts all night which is what every girl wants. I was recently sent the lighter shade 05 Porcelain and it is a bit too light for my everyday make up but I mix it with a little bit of the darker one and its perfect. The lighter shade coverage is just the same as the darker one. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone that is looking for a full coverage foundation that lasts all day or night. You can pick it up in most pharmacies or in Boots here
3. The Wet Brush

I had always wanted to get one of these Wet Brushes as I had heard so much about them so when I got this in a goodie bag at a Cocoa Brown event I was delighted. Since getting more blonde in my hair it is always full of knots after washing it and I dread brushing it but this brush is my saviour it is just brilliant for brushing straight out of the shower I’m not sure how it works but it 100% does I just love it 😉 You can get this online on SimplyFoxy here

4. Bioderma

I’m the worst person for taking off my make up at night so when I do I reach for anything that’s going to be quick and easy. This Bioderma micellaire solution is the best just adding a few drops to face pads and it removes all my make up including eye make up its great. This is a smaller bottle that I received and it lasted me ages I’m definitely getting the bigger bottle the next time you can get it online on Cloud10 Beauty here.
5. Roger & Gallet – Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Anyone that knows Roger & Gallet knows that their products smell amazing and these two products are no exception. The shower gel is so refreshing and then using the pomegranate oil and aloe vera body lotion after is just wow you smell amazing! I often used the Roger & Gallet handcreams but these were my first shower/body lotion products and I will never look back haha. You can see the wide variety of products on Sam McCauleys here
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Richael x