My trip to Paris – Day 1


Hey Dolls…

On Thursday 2nd of April me and my boyfriend headed to Paris for the weekend. This was a Birthday present from my boyfriend back in February and we thought April was never going to come. After a lot of planning and looking up things to do we were finally off. Our flight was delayed leaving Dublin on Thursday evening so between that and the time difference we didn’t get to our Hotel until about 1am we were wrecked but once we saw the view from our room we were just amazed.

Our Hotel:

The hotel we stayed in was The Hyatt Regency and you can check it out here We flew into Beauvais airport and the airports shuttle bus drop of point was right beside our hotel which was super handy. The hotel itself was fab but the rooms were a bit dated so without the view the room wouldn’t have been great. The best thing about this hotel was its location it was about 10 minute walk from the Arc De Triomphe which was perfect for us as this is where we could catch our Hop on Hop off bus. (I will write more about the tourist side of our trip in my next post about Day 2 in Paris)


After finding out about my trip to Paris we knew we would have to head to Disneyland. When it comes to planning anything I have to be so organised  so I started looking up day trips to Disneyland and read a lot of other bloggers blog posts on Paris. We decided to go on a shuttle which collected us near our hotel and included the tickets to both parks Disneyland and Walt Disney Park. The name of this was Disneyland Paris Express you can find it here.

We were unlucky with the weather it was cloudy and rained on and off all day but we didn’t let that ruin our day we still turned into big kids. Everything about Disneyland was amazing especially the parade unfortunately the shuttle left before the fireworks show which was a pity as they are suppose to be out of this world but I’m sure I will be back again as I loved every minute of it.

Once we were back from Disneyland which was about 11pm we went for a walk to the Arc De Triomphe which was so beautiful all lit up we couldn’t wait for our site seeing on Saturday.

I decided to make my first vlog of my first day in Paris you can check it out below. Check back for my next post about our site seeing next Monday.

Richael x