My trip to Paris – Day 2



So I know its been a good few weeks since I was in Paris and my post on Day 2 is well over due now but I just hadn’t time to make my Vlog of my second day in Paris so I have finally got a chance to make and I’m excited to tell you all about my day in Paris.

So in my first Paris post about my trip to Disneyland which you can read here I told you about the hotel I was staying in and our trip to Disneyland. On our second day in Paris we were tourists for the day. I had looked up some Hop On Hop Off Tour buses before we left but there were so many to choose from so we just asked the concierge in our hotel they actually sold the tickets there so was super handy this was called L’Open Tour by CityVision and we could hop on at Arc De Triomphe which suited us perfectly.

We started out looking for somewhere to have breakfast as we had ate breakfast in our hotel the first day and it was ridiculously over priced so we found a gorgeous cafe right beside Arc De Triomphe. We had criossiants, jam, eggs, toast, orange juice, tea and it was so yummy.

Arc De Triomphe:

After eating we headed under ground to queue for Arc De Triopmhe this was around 9:30 the queue was long but I can imagine it gets so much longer. The queue actually went fast, as we had our passports with us we did not have to pay which is brilliant. Once you are at the Arc you then have to climb soo many steps to get to the top on the way there is like a little museum  which you can sit down for a few minutes (I am so unfit haha) before heading up to the top. Once on the top the views are amazing it was very cloudy and dull again but I still loved it. Then it was time to head back down all those steps again I think its worse going down ha. All of my photos and videos will be in the Vlog below 🙂

The Louvre Musuem:

We hopped off the Tour Bus at the Louvre Museum I did’t particularity want to go inside I just wanted to see the pyramid haha. We took loads of photos and there were even boxes that you could stand on to make it look like you were touching  the top or leaning on the pyramid. The queue to get into the museum was really long so if you do want to go be prepared to spend a long time queuing.

The Lock Bridge – Pont Des Arts

We walked from the Louvre to the Lock Bridge it wasn’t too far and we just loved walking around Paris. We got a lock off someone near the Louvre Museum but there are so many people selling them that you won’t miss it. It was such a nice thing to do and the atmosphere is lovely a lot of the bridge had wooden panels blocking the locks but we found a new section and attached ours there this is definitely a must to do with friends, family or your partner. We  then walked for a while trying to find the next tour bus stop.

Notre Dame:

After finally finding where our bus stop was we decided to go to Notre Dame next. The weather got bad and we were queuing in the rain but the queue did actually move fast. You do not need to pay to go in here. You do have to be very quiet and it is very dark in here but it is worth visiting its so nice inside.


After Notre Dame we stayed on the tour bus for a while and just took in all our surroundings. We then decided to hop off on the Champs-ÉlysĂ©es. Which is where all the shops are it was amazing if only I had lots of money to shop here. There was a huge queue outside Louis Vuitton (I didn’t queue haha) there were lots of high street shops too such as Zara and H&M we spotted lots of Ferraris and Porsche cars too. Its a great place to go and just window shop and take it all in. As our hotel was so close we walked back it only took us about 15/20 minutes which was brilliant.

Eiffel Tower:

Before heading to Paris I asked a lot of people questions about vising the Eiffel Tower such as queues and when was the best time to go. A lot of people recommended going at night to avoid hours of queuing. As the weather wasn’t great going at night suited us perfect. We did have to queue but not too long. Once you get into one lift you then have to get another to the top so we had to queue some more. It was so cold up there but was so worth it. The views were just amazing and I just couldn’t get over how high we were up when you look at the Eiffel Tower on TV and in photos you don’t think it is as tall as it actually is. I loved every minute of this I couldn’t believe I was actually there such an amazing experience.

So that is my second day in Paris broken down into a few paragraphs I will have my Day 3 post up soon I promise hahah. Please check out my Vlog below 🙂

Richael x