Primark SS17 | All I Want is Everything!


So I’m finally getting around to writing a post about the Primark SS17 Press Day I attended a few weeks ago. I know I shared a lot of my favourite pieces on Snapchat but I wanted to have something more permanent so people can see them again and not for just one day. I was delighted to be invited up to Primark HQ in Dublin and actually be able to go usually I’m always working and miss everything. This was definitely one event I could not miss.  The room that the event was held it was fab the clothes, shoes, accessories etc were all laid out beautifully and you could tell a huge amount of time and effort was put into this.

There was a wall for us all to sign, it was join the dots so at the end it it showed SS17. There was also tea,cocktails, coffee,cakes and a company making hand rolled ice-cream “Artic Stone” I had seen this in Thailand and this is actually where they got the idea from but they have improved it hugely. I got cookies icecream with nutella and strawberries and it was so good.

For SS17 it looks like embroidery, velvet and rose gold are going know where which is great because I personally love all three. I have included lots of photos below so have a browse and feel free to leave a comment too 🙂






Shoes and Accessories

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time

Richael x