Spring Picks from Shein


So we are finally getting some nice weather in London and I’m really looking forward to updating my wardrobe with some Spring pieces I’m so over knitted jumpers. I was browsing Shein and found some fab pieces that I wanted to share with you. The prices are great I haven’t purchased off this site before so if anyone has let me know what you think.

Striped Black and White Jumpsuit | £13.97 | Find it here

Flower Print Midi | £19.86 | Find it here

Red Floral Print Jumpsuit | £15.45 | Find it here

Checkered Bow Tie Pants | £13.97 | Find it here

White and Black Striped Sweatshirt | £13.24 | Find it here

Crop hoodie | £12.50 | Find it here

Love Slogan Tee | £7.32 | Find it here 

Pink Cord Peg Pants | £10.54 | Find them here

Polka Dot Culottes | £10.98 | Find them here


Really hope you enjoyed this post if you would like to see more posts like this let me know

Richael x

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