Top 5 Make Up Brushes


I decided to do a post on my favourite make up brushes for you, everyone has their own go to brushes that they can’t live with out and I wanted to share mine. I mainly use these brushes when I am heading out and my make up involves contouring and eye make up etc because for everyday make up I literally apply foundation, bronzer, eyeliner and mascara not much of an effort is made for work haha 🙂


1. 224 Eyeshadow Blending Brush from The Beauty Deli


When I am going our I always love to use a mix of light and dark colours on my eyes, When using different shades it is essential to blend those in I started using this 224 blending brush recently and is the perfect brush for all my blending. It is a great size and of course if gentle on your eye when blending 🙂

Check it out here

2. The Tara Brush – Nima Brush

I use this brush to apply the hightlighter part of my countouring routine from my Blank Canvas Cosmetics contour palette I use the white powder and apply it between my eyebrows, down my nose and a small bit on my chin. I also then use this at the end to apply the highlighter from my Pippa Palette on my cheek. It is a perfect brush for contouring and would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy brushes for this reason.

Check it out here

3. MAC Eyeshadow Brush

I got this in a set a few Christmases ago and wonder how I ever did my eye make up with out it I use this to apply my eyeshadow all over the lid not sure if thats exactly what is used for but I love it ha I do use other brushes aswell but this is the main one to apply all over the eye lid and works great.

4. Large Duo Fibre Brush – Blank Canvas Cosmetics


I use this brush to apply my foundation and it gives a fawless finish everytime. When I first started using a duo fibre brush for my foundation I wonder why I ever used anything else. I have used a few different ones and this one from Blank Canvas Cosmetics is my favourite it gives great coverage and is so soft 🙂

Check it out here


5. The CJ – Nima Brush

This is another brush that I use for my contouring and would be lost with out it. I use this to apply the darker shade powder (bonzer) along the edge of my forhead, down the side of my nose and under my cheekbones it is the perfect shape to get in under your cheeckbones and along the forehead. This is another brush I would recommend if you are looking for brushes to use for contouring.

Check it out here


So they are my fave brushes that I use with out fail everytime I am going out. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Richael x