Trilogy and VIP Magazine Cork Event





Last night I attended a Trilogy and VIP Magazine  event here in Cork . This was my first event in Cork and I was so happy because it was literally a 10 minute walk away super handy 🙂 The event was held in the amazing Perry Street Market Cafe in Cork City. I have been here a few times and was never disappointed it is a really great place to eat. I would recommend the cookie hot chocolate so yummy and the presentation is amazing! Anyway back to the event, for this event we could bring a guest so my sister came with me, neither of us have used Trilogy before but our Mam has and she loves it so we have heard quiet a lot about it. For those who don’t know Trilogy is a New Zealand brand and was launched back in 2002 and took the skincare world by storm with their Rosehip oil products. Now in 2015 it is such a famous product and is used all over the world . Many celebrities have shown their love for the Trilogy products such as David Gandy, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and our own Pippa O Connor.



When we arrived at the event we were a bit early but everyone was so friendly and welcoming it was a great atmosphere we had some Prosecco while we were waiting for the event to start and also some finger food which was lovely.


To start of the event VIP Magazine spoke a bit about VIP Magazine and working with Trilogy she also gave some info about the nights event. Next up were the fab ladies from Trilogy they spoke about the products, statistics , what celebrities use the brand , the benefits and also shared this amazing fact with us about their Rosehip Oil that there is one sold globally every 39 seconds that is just amazing!.



After the introduction there was a lot of different things to do there was a selfie poster that you had to take a selfie with and the best selfie won a prize, there was a place to purchase the Trilogy products and on the night was a limited edition half price half size Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ on sale which was great for people who hadn’t tried the product before like me so I purchased this and I’m excited to start using it and noticing the difference.

11536833_10155743487190608_1978657464_nLots of the products on sale

What was really fun and was a huge hit was the make your own moisturiser part of the night. In groups of about 10 we all sat down and got pots of oil, a syringe and a little stick to make our own moisturiser we thought it was going to be a case of just adding water and stirring it but it was actually a bit harder which made it so much fun . We had to pump the water and the oil together using the syringe and required a lot of pumping and moving the pot around to get the right texture. After a while of pumping the moisturiser was made we then got to add some of Trilogy’s signature scent to the moistursier and voila we had made our own moisturiser. This can be used on the face and body and I can’t wait to start using it just from it been on my hands while making it I already love it ha 🙂



This is the what the moisturiser looked like at the start.


Adding in the boiling water and getting ready to pump.


Stirring it after adding the scent.


My handmade moisturiser 🙂

Also at the event I got to catch up with some of the bloggers that are part of the Cork Bloggers group I decided to start up. This was great as it is exactly what I started the group for to get to know more bloggers in the Cork area. These fab bloggers were Marie from The Beaut Mum , Grace from MakeMeUpIreland and Claire from Lipglossaddictork.


At the end of the night we all got to take home goodie bags which contained Rosapene Night Cream and some yummy organic chocolate.



Overall it was a great event and I cant wait for more to come to Cork.

As soon as I start using the products I will write a review so watch this space 🙂

Richael x