Whats on my Phone?

Hey Dolls…

I am constantly looking for new apps for photos, social media, blogging etc and decided to do a quick post about what apps I use on a daily basis. It would be great if you could share what apps you use on a daily basis too so I can check them out.

1. Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat:

I think everyone has these apps on their phone and Facebook is definately the most used application on mine. I am slowly branching out to Twitter since I started blogging as it is a great way to interacte with other bloggers and brands.
When Snapchat first came out I was really addicted now not so much but yet its still part of the apps I check every minute of the day hehe.

2. Instagram:

I’m falling more and more in love with this app each time I use it. I can’t get enough of Instagram. I love the different filters you can use to edit your photos and I really enjoy browsing through the thousands of photos on the news feed and getting lost on random profiles with amazing photos.

3. Pinterest/ Etsy/ We Heart It:

These are the apps I go to for some inspiration whether I’m looking for a cool quote of the day or some decor ideas for my room these have such cool ideas and are free.

4. Blogging apps:

My blogging apps need a whole section of their own as there are quite a few different ones I recently downloaded and I’m just getting used to.

Blogger/ Bloglovin: 

I find Blogger app for my iPhone a bit hard to write a blog post on as you cannot edit and sometimes I have wrote a big paragraph log onto my computer and it hadnt saved so I do not trust it anymore ha. Instead I just upload photos I have taken with my phone so I can add them to posts while editing on my laptop.
I recently only downloaded the bloglovin app and to be honest I haven’t used this that much for some reason I cannot manage to get to my own page haha


This one is super handy when you want to add a link to a product on your Website or Social Media pages without having the long URL that takes up half the page. Simply paste the URL into bitly and it will shorten it for you. It also monitors how many times some one has clicked on your link.


I use Polyvore to create the “Outfit Inspiration” photos that I recently started posting on my Social Media pages. You can clip photos of clothes, shoes, make up from their website and create a mood board. I simply just screenshot the board and upload the photo to facebook, instagram etc.

Photo Editing:

*  Moldiv

– This is my go to app for creating collages. Its so easy to use and you can save to your phone or upload it straight to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from within the app.

*  Whitagram

– I just started using this app. This app is great when you have an amazing photo and go to upload it to Instagram and bam half the photo is gone. This app shrinks the photo so it all fits in your Instagram window.

*  PicLab

– My new favourite photo editing app. This is perfect for bloggers as you can create collages or just edit single photos. I always use this app to add font to my photos like @polkaandbelle.com. There are ready made stickers too which look amazing plus 20+ filters to use


This is another great one for bloggers as you can save websites to this pocket app and read them later on any device. I have so many bloggers posts saved here, clothes that I love, recipes and much more that I would never remember if it wasnt for this app. Simply create an account add the pocket plugin to your browser and start saving.

5. Other apps:

The remaining apps on my phone are ones I rarely use so I’m just gonna list them off and not write about them all.

– iTube

– the best music app. Just search and listen to any song you want and it will stay cached in your History or add it to a playlist. You can then listen to it anywhere amazing.

– Mobile Banking – Saviour and also very dangerous hehe

– Shazam

– Hate when you hear a song and cannot for the life of you remember what it was I simply Shazam any song and when I’m home type Shazam tells you what it was. I am forever shazaming songs in nightclubs that I love!

– Shopping apps – ASOS, Depop, Ebay, Subway, BT Loyalty, Groupon, The Hunt.

Ok I think thats all the apps worth mentioning on here the rest are boring radio apps, Dropbox etc ha

If you have any apps that you think I need in my life please leave them in the comments and I will definately check them out.

Thanks 🙂

Richael x

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