Wireless Festival 2018 with Debenhams

Hey Hey,

So its been a while since I done a blog post this one is very exciting for me!

In July I was invited to Wireless Festival with Debenhams when I got the invite I couldn’t believe that I was picked to go to something so big. Since moving to London I have found it hard to get opportunities like this because there are soo many amazing bloggers over here so this was just amazing!!

My Outfit 

Debenhams allowed me to pick my outfit for the day. I spotted a Red Herring Leopard Print dress and had to have it it was on sale too so it was only £28, I bought a leather fringe jacket too but as it was 30 degrees on the day I didn’t get to wear this but I will get so much wear out of this in the winter. I had to pick trainers from the amazing selection of trainers that Debenhams have ( you can find all the trainers available here ) this was definitely the hardest part as there were so many pairs that I had my eye on for a while in the end I went with black high top Converse because they were perfect with my dress but I will wear them so much. To accessorise I got a fringe black Miss Selfridge bag and Black Quay Sunglasses.


The Festival

I arrived back from Ireland the morning of the festival so I thought I would be wrecked during the day from standing but we were treated to VIP tickets which allowed us wander in and out of the VIP area to sit down, get a free drink and have some food it was just amazing!! I was nervous about meeting all the other bloggers as I don’t know many people from London but everyone was just so nice and welcoming we were all super excited to be part of this amazing opportunity and we all got on really well. The bloggers that I was with are listed below:

Guilia F Smith, Jessi of WheresMyTent ,Lucy of Absolutely Lucy, Martha of MarthaDahhling, Luisa of Lusia-Christie, Noelle of ByNoelle


We did spot some celebs which was exciting we had to get a snap with Brooklyn Beckham!!


Overall I had such an amazing day I got to see Drake, meet some fab bloggers, experience VIP and wear a gorgeous outfit from Debenhams. Massive thanks to everyone that made my first festival in London so great!! Thanks Debenhams!!

Also shoutout to Lucy from Absolutely Lucy for some of the amazing photos above 🙂

Richael x

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